Hello Bluefish Families!

My name is Jenn Wroe and I have volunteered this year to work as the fundraising co-ordinator for the club.  This is a short letter to inform you about how our fundraising program will run this year.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact myself at my email,


Arnprior Bluefish fundraising covers three tiers.  The first is to lower your registration cost up to $200 and the second is to raise money for new equipment and the third is to cover special events.


During registration, each swimmer was required to pay a $200 fundraising deposit.  This can be earned back through various fundraising endeavors, which will, in turn, lower your registration costs.

The first way to fundraise will be through a new program to our club called Shop and Support.  When you participate you can easily earn your fundraising money back through shopping purchases!  This program will begin towards the end of November.

The second way you can fundraise is through our swim-a-thon in April.  All swimmers participate in this activity near the end of our swim season.

Finally, if you have another idea for fundraising, please contact me with information.  All fundraisers need to be wrapped up by the end of January to save time for our swim a thon.



Our club has plans to purchase some big equipment for the team, ideally new blocks for the swimmers. With this purchase we would be able to run time trials or swim meets at our pool.  This would be a wonderful experience for our club as it aligns with our slogan: “Bringing Competitive Swimming Back to Arnprior”.  The money to cover these expenses will be raised through additional fundraisers (ie. dance, corporate fundraising).  Other fundraisers, such as the Great Pumpkin Raffle, are done to support special events (ie. year-end awards and dinner).

Here is a chart to summarize our three tiers of fundraising.

Lowering Registration Costs New Equipment Special Events
Shop and Support Corporate Fundraising Great Pumpkin Raffle
Swim-A-Thon Dance

Thank you.  Please keep watch for our shop and support fundraiser that will be starting up in November.

Jenn Wroe

“Go Bluefish…and Go Bluefish Parents and Supporters!”