Book Sale, Saturday Dec 5th (9am-12pm) – 44 MacDonald Street North

We hosted a very successful book sale this past weekend to raise funds for the club.  We still have many books available, so we will re-open the book sale this coming Saturday, December 5th from 9am to 12pm.  All books are $2-$5, and make great Christmas presents!  There is a wide selection of children’s and adult books available.

booksale3 booksale2 booksale

We hosted a very successful book sale this past weekend to raise funds for the club.  We still have many books available, so we will re-open the book sale this coming Saturday, December 5th from 9am to 12pm.  All books are $2-$5, and make great Christmas presents!  There is a wide selection of children’s and adult books available.

booksale3 booksale2 booksale

ND Elite Swim Camp

Dear Coaches, Parents & Swimmers:


On behalf of ND Elite Swim Camp we would like to invite you in joining us for an exclusive and intense training opportunity to be held in Minot, ND June 10 – 14, 2015. Our mission is to offer a unique experience for swimmers committed to the sport, help them raise the bar and maximize their potential in and out of the water.


Please see the ND Elite Swim Camp Brochure to find camp and registration information. Registration is officially open, we will be accepting athletes on a first come first serve basis and expect the 40 available spots to be filled quickly.


We currently have 12 spots left!


Come join one of the most well rounded swim camps in the World!


Raise the Bar. Be Elite.


Matt Lowe
ND Elite Swim Camp



SwimathonHello Bluefish Swimmers and Families!

For those of you new to swimming and who were unable to make it to the parent info nights in the fall, Swim-a-thon is here.

Swim-a-thon is a Swim Canada mandated annual fund-raiser for all swim clubs across Canada. The purpose of Swim-a-thon is to assist clubs in keeping registration costs down and ensuring there are funds earmarked specifically for general club operations to benefit all swimmers.

Traditionally, swimmers went door to door collecting pledges under their name.  A couple of years ago Swim Canada phased out door-to-door canvassing and moved Swim-a-thon online.  Now families register their swimmer online under ABSC, then friends and family members click on their swimmer and pledge online.  This works great for some not so great for others but the online form is here to stay as per Swim Canada.

Last year the ABSC families did a phenomenal job raising over $9000.00! These funds have enabled the club to hire a full time, qualified head coach, obtained more pool time as our swimmers were swimming on top of each other, provide more reasonable and safe pre-comp coach:swimmer ratios and provide much needed up-to-date coaching software. The swimmers have enjoyed watching themselves in slow motion on the iPad and refining their strokes, turns and starts.

The results of these changes are tangible. The pre-comp ABSC swimmers have developed stronger, more efficient strokes in a single season, the comp swimmers have achieved a record amount of PB’s (personal bests) and the ABSC is sent a record 5 swimmers to Regionals!

When the swimmers, executive and families work together for a successful Swim-a-thon we can keep the club strong and keep registration costs stable ensuring swimming is a sport accessible to as many children as possible.

Welcome to Swim-a-thon 2015, GOOOOOOOO Bluefish!!!!


Again this year we have some great prizes to reward you for your hard work and commitment to the ABSC!

GRAND PRIZE:  Danny Mac’s Gift Certificate worth $75.00, Aquasport Gift Certificate for $50.00, $20 Dairy Queen gift card and a 4 pack movie passes.

(each swimmer raising $500 or more receives a ballot into the draw)

SECOND PRIZE:  A 2 pack movie pass, an awesome SPEEDO swim backpack to keep your stuff dry and organized and a $20 Dairy Queen gift card

(each swimmer raising $300-499 receives a ballot into the draw)

THIRD PRIZE:  A 2 pack movie pass, an ABSC t-shirt and a $10 Dairy Queen gift card (Each swimmer raising $200-299 receives a ballot into the draw)

Draw will be held approximately 10 days after Swim-a-thon closes. Draw will be held on deck during practice. All winners will be notified by email.


You can find the most recent progress >>HERE<<

EOSA Championship Results!


Hi parents,

Five of our Bluefish swimmers have just returned from competing at the 2014 Eastern Ontario Short Course Regional Championships.  Held this year in Belleville, Jan 30 – Feb 1, 2015.

Qualifying this year were…. Mason Kenny, Rylee Moffatt, Cameron Shepherd, Alex Wroe and Zach Wroe.

The meet this year hosted 21 teams from across Eastern Ontario, with over 500 of the regions fastest swimmers in attendance.

Our swimmers really stepped up their game this past weekend with a combined 26 personal best times (PBs) out of 30 events.

Mason Kenny – 4 of 4 PB’s

Rylee Moffatt – 4 of 6 PB’s

Cameron Shepherd – 9 of 11 PB’s (swam 4 finals)

Alex Wroe – 6 of 6 PB’s

Zach Wroe – 3 of 3 PB’s

The 13 years and older swimmers, swam preliminaries with the fastest top 16 moving on to swim the Finals in an evening session.  Cameron Shepherd (13) qualified for 4 finals and finished 6th, 9th, 12th and 13th in his events.

In the boys 11&12 age group, Alex Wroe (11) medalled in 2 events placing 2nd and 3rd.  He also finished top 8, with a 5th, two 6ths and a 7th place finish.

For the Teams Points Race the Arnprior Bluefish Swim Club Finished in second place just behind the Ottawa Y Olympians (OYO) in the small team category.  An amazing feat considering we only had 5 swimmers in attendance.

Congratulations to our Regionals Team and we are looking forward to taking a much larger one to Regionals in 2016.

Coach Shawn

Life Guard Course Program

arnprior bluefish

Hi Blue Fish Swimmers and Family members!

Just dropping a note to advise you that on February 7th to March 8th, Certification Courses begin for Bronze Medallion.

Life Guarding is a great part-time job as a student.  It pays well, and provides valuable life saving experience and builds on your Blue Fish training.  There are great opportunities for summer employment, as well as future life guarding opportunities while attending College or University.

Life guarding is also a great resume builder, providing great skill development for future occupations in emergency services and health care work.  Many employers value the training and determination it takes to become a life saver!

So if you meet the following requirements, consider applying…

Prerequisites:  13 years old/ or 12 years old having already completed the Bronze Star course

The next course after Bronze Medallion is the Bronze Cross.

The winter session runs, Saturday and Sunday 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.  Cost in town $140.00 out of town $170.00.+ HST

Consult page 19 of the Arnprior Life Magazine, (found at the Nick Smith Centre) Fall and Winter 2014 for more details.

Thank you and good luck!

Patrick McIntyre

Vice President
Arnprior Blue Fish Swim Club

Parent’s Night in the Pool


Dear family members of swim club kids, the coaches and executive wish to invite you to our first “Parent’s Night in the Pool” or PNP for short! (This event is open to whole families, not just the parents)

This is your opportunity to see what the world of swimming is like for your kids. So get out your speedo, slap on the swim cap and strap on the goggles and try your first flip turn.

I know a lot of you are wincing at the idea of leaving work and putting your foot in the cold pool, getting your hair messy and water up your nose, but let’s appreciate the effort our kids make to keep in shape and compete!

You may be surprised how good you feel after having a laugh and some fun in the pool with the kids.

So please join us on the pool deck on Thursday December 18th (our last swim night before Christmas break) anytime between 3:30 to 5:30 pm. Bring a towel, some flip flops and prepare to have some fun.

Hope to see you there!

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Get Your Teamwear!

Hello Bluefish Swimmers and Families!

Let me first start by welcoming any new swimmers to the Arnprior Bluefish Swim Club and its wonderful to see so many swimmers returning from last year.

Another exciting swim year is just around the corner and we are all very anxious to get started!

The Arnprior Bluefish Swim Club is a very supportive and encouraging  group and we all love showing our team spirit.

Team wear is a great way to show this off!  We offer many items of clothing.. ie: jackets, hoodies, t-shirts, toques, water bottles (new this year) and of course team swimwear!

I will be available at the Nick Smith Centre on Tuesday September 30th from 7:00 pm -8:30pm if you wish to purchase any of these items.  I will have items for display as well as various swimwear sizes to try on.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Cherie Shepherd
Teamwear Co-ordinator