Visit from Savannah King!

We are very fortunate this year to be graced by the presence of Savannah King for 5 visits throughout the swim season. Savannah is a 2x time Olympian and 2x medallist at the Pan Am Games.

She comes to us from the Head to Head Mentorship program. The program’s goal is to help develop a unique and empowering connection between a club like Arnprior Bluefish and an exceptional athlete (in this case Savannah). The hope is that the relationship developed with her will influence lifelong physical and mental well-being and encourage our swimmers in the sport of swimming

Savannah’s first visit is Tuesday, October 29th. She will be leading practice with the Pre-Comp and Comp swimmers. Please do your very best to be at practice and on time (10 minutes early if possible)! I look forward to meeting her and am excited about the positive influence she is sure to have on our Bluefish swimmers.