Parent Information Nights

arnprior bluefish
WHEN: October 21, 22 & 23 from 4:30-5:30 pm
WHERE: Classroom off of pool deck on left
WHY: To introduce parents to the world of swimming, the ABSC club workings, answer questions and listen to your ideas.
WHO: Jenn Lewis (President) and Pat McIntyre (VP) and all parents are welcome to drop in any night.

We’ll cover:
• Club structure
• Positions (and those still available)
• Fundraising plan and goals
• Volunteer program and events
• Guide to swim meets
• Pre-comp to comp progression
• Meet schedule
• And answer any questions or take any ideas you as a Bluefish parent might have. These questions and ideas are vital to ensuring the long term existence of swimming in Arnprior and the area.

The Great Pumpkin Raffle


Dear Parents,

Fundraising is an important aspect of all minor sports today and Blue Fish like many other clubs requires fundraising to continue its operations.

With the start of the Blue Fish Season coinciding with Thanks Giving weekend, we like to start off our fundraising season with our Great (Giant) Pumpkin Raffle.

This year we have 45 swimmers on deck and in the pool, so we will be distributing 11 raffle tickets to each swimmer, at a cost of $2.00 per ticket.

This is generally an easy raffle, and can easily sell out over a busy weekend. The pumpkin can be donated to a family or child of the purchasers choice, by simply filling in the ticket stub with the appropriate information.

Needham’s Farm, has been generous again this year in donating our prize. It’s a hefty gourd, but a good size for a proper great Jack-o-lantern.

Once you have sold all of your tickers, please bring the ticket stubs and change in an envelope to zip lock bag to any swim practice and one of the club executive or coaches will collect it from you. We will need your name included with the package, so that we know who has handed their package in. Deadline Oct 29th.

The proceeds from the raffle will be allocated to our end of season awards banquet, so please help us celebrate the best of the fall season and get our Blue Fish off to a good start.

Sincerely yours,
Patrick McIntyre Blue Fish VP