Get Ready for the Bluefish 2014 / 2015 Season !!!!

arnprior bluefishDear Bluefish Swimmers and Families,

The Executive wanted to take this opportunity to say we are hoping that everyone is having a wonderful summer and yet gently remind you Bluefish registration is fast approaching.

Registration dates are as follows:

  • September 10, 2014 from 7:00-8:30 @ the Nick Smith Centre
  • September 11, 2014 from 7:00-8:30 @ the Nick Smith Centre

To save time during registration night, please print and complete the appropriate registration package below:

Pre Competitive Form Packet

Competitive Form Packet


New this Year!

  • In order to be more transparent, this years’ registration form will break down registration fees in more detail. Please be aware that Swim Ontario fees are insurance fees for the entire season and are set by Swim Ontario and are non-refundable.
  • The Volunteer Deposit cheque has been decreased to $100.00/family this season as opposed to $150.00 last season.
  • The Fundraiser Deposit cheque has been decreased to $200.00/swimmer this season as opposed to $300.00 last season.
  • To bring the ABSC in line with other clubs of similar size and incorporate Swim Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development Program pre-competitive swimmers will now swim for 50 minutes as opposed to 80 minutes in the previous program. The previous practices were too long for many of the pre-competitive swimmers. Research shows that younger swimmers ability to learn and retain significantly diminishes after 45 minutes. Therefore the club will be offering 4 pre-competitive groups. Please indicate on your registration form which group is your first choice.
Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
3:30-4:20 #1 #3 #1 #3
4:30-5:20 #2 #4 #2 #4
  • This will also decrease the amount of time early start school children will have to wait before getting in the pool.
  • This will also add some flexibility to those who live out of town or whose children attend school out of town to swim with the ABSC. The ABSC is the only Ottawa Valley swim club available to children between Petawawa and Stittsville.
  • The Competitive swimmers will need to indicate on their registration forms what time they are available to start training. Swimmers with early start schools are encouraged to start training at 3:30. Those from out of town now have the flexibility to start at 3:30 or 4:00, Monday through Thursday. More information about this will be emailed to comp swimmers at a later date.
  • This increase in training time will assist those reaching for regional times and also enable older swimmers to swim with the club longer. In the past many dropped out once high school began due to part time jobs and school commitments. Keeping these athletes swimming longer also incorporates Swim Canada’s Long term Athlete Development goals.
  • There will be a Friday morning technical swim for competitive swimmers. It is expected that each comp swimmer will make an attempt to attend 2 morning swims/month. These 45 minute practices will only focus on technique. Again, this is to bring competitive training with the ABSC more in line with other clubs our size throughout Eastern Ontario/Western Quebec.
  • There is a new form in the Registration Package titled, “ Swim Practice Cancellations”. Please read this carefully. For many years there has been much confusion when a practice was canceled due to a pool fouling resulting in some children being left at the pool. This is just not safe so we have developed a plan to ensure that no child is left at the pool alone in this circumstance.
  • Later in the fall the ABSC Calendar will be updated with a year long meet schedule, parent info night schedule, meeting schedule, practice schedule and a fundraising schedule. The fundraising/volunteer schedule will assist parents in planning what they can reasonably assist the club with throughout the year without overwhelming parents with requests for participation.

So with that I’d like to wish everyone a great “what’s left of summer vacation”….and the Executive looks forward to another exciting year with our dedicated, talented swimmers.

Just keep swimming…just keep swimming…just keep swimming…..