Swimming Camp


…just keep swimming, just keep swimming……….



Life after Bluefish you say?!?

Bluefish alumni, Emma Cooper headed off to University of Waterloo last year. There she entered the world of varsity swimming and has discovered it is not only exciting but is made up of an incredibly supportive and knowledgeable group of coaches, trainers and swimmers.

University swimming programs surprisingly, are often one of the most affordable of all varsity sports.  Emma has and will be attending national and international training camps and competitions, funded by the university.

The most striking difference Emma noticed was the emphasis on dry land training. Emma has taken seconds upon seconds off many of her times!

To share her knowledge and inspire other Bluefish swimmers to ‘keep on swimming’ she is running a two hour training camp December 22nd from  0900-1100 at the Nick Smith Center.  There will be dry-land and wet sessions along with games and treats for all!!!!

There is no charge for this camp. Registration is open to all competitive and pre-competitve swimmers until Monday, December 9th.  Please email ABSC President Jenn Lewis @ lumunchkin@gmail.com to confirm your attendance.